Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

While Brett Kimberlin has a track record of trying to play games with service of court papers (and then seek default judgments because of a defendant’s failure to respond), I’ve worked to meet my obligation to serve opposing parties in the various Team Kimberlin-related cases. Now, defendant has no obligation to make the original service of process in a suit easy for the plaintiff, once served, he has an obligation to keep the clerk of the court informed of his current contact information.

Of course, Bill Schmalfeldt has routinely failed to do so. In 2017, he moved from Wisconsin to Iowa without providing a forwarding address and without informing the Clerk of the Circuit Court for Carroll County, Maryland, where I was suing him.

Schmalfeldt thought he was clever when he tweeted a picture of the house he was renting. Six years ago today, I posted An Interesting Google Street View.

* * * * *

I found this picture while using the Street View function on Google Maps.It looks a lot like this picture that was posted on Twitter.

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He can run waddle, but he can’t hide.

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