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During their campaigns of lawfare and cyberthuggery, the members of Team Kimberlin, especially Bill Schmalfeldt, cluttered the Interwebz with low-to-zero traffic websites and social media accounts. The TKPOTD for five years ago today shrugged off one of Schmalfeldt’s attempts at being an Internet tough guy. It also referred to one of his worst bits of cyberharassment.

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If an adjudicated cyberharasser uses a shadowbanned account to tweet a link to an Internet radio feed monitored only by cockroaches, does anyone really know? Or care?

Bill Schmalfeldt’s conduct is so beyond the pale that it even disgusts other members of Team Kimberlin, as can be seen in the TKPOTD from five years ago today.

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Mandy Nagy shot this video of the “photographer” that Brett Kimberlin brought to Bobby McKeys as his Blog Bash “demonstration.” Watch the expression on his face as he hears from Lee Stranahan some of the things Bill Schmalfeldt did to the Stranahan family.

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Multiple restraining orders in multiple states.

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First, I’ll note that it seems that Schmalfeldt may have learned something from his failure as an Internet thug. AFAIK, he hasn’t written any thing about me in the Center Republican.

Second, I’ll reproduce the Vigilans Vindex cartoon from the original comments.

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  1. I went and looked at the Center Republican Opinion page, LOL I just bet he is real popular in Hazen ND.

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