Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Nine years ago today, Brietbart Unmasked published a piece by Matt Osborne misrepresenting a Letter Order issued in the Kimberlin v. National Bloggers Club, et al. (1) RICO Madness LOLsuit. One of false narratives Osborne tried to spin has to do with my supposed admission that to causing financial damage to Brett Kimberlin.Note that while I reported that some of the donor’s to the not-for-profits had stopped giving, Osborne failed to present any evidence that my reporting caused them to stop.

More important, the donors stopped giving to Velvet Revolution and Justice Through Music Project. Those are corporate entities which exist separately from Brett Kimberlin. One of the elements of defamation is that the victim suffered damage. Even if the not-for-profits had been damaged, their damage would not have been Kimberlin’s as well.

If the not-for-profits had had a legitimate case, there were plenty of lawyers who would have taken their case. Not even the two lawyers associated with the Velvet Revolution and JTMP wanted anything to do with such a suit.

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