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Brett Kimberlin was one of the founders of a not-for-profit known as Velvet Revolution US. In 2017 he renamed that entity Protect Our Elections/EMR Inc. The protectourelections dot org website has an ABOUT page which contain the following—

ProtectOurElections is a national collaboration of grassroots organizations that have joined together  to reclaim our democracy, providing oversight to rescue our elections from partisan politics and privatization. POE is registered as both a 501(c)(4) organization and a 501(c)(3) organization.

None of that is true.

There is no evidence that any entity other than Kimberlin’s other not-for-profit Justice Through Music Project has any affiliation with “PiOE”.

It is also a lie that “POE” is registered as both a 501(c)(4) and a 501(c)(3). That’s not possible under the Tax Code. At one time, it was a (c)(4), but that status was revoked by the IRS for failure to file required paperwork. It is not currently listed by the IRS as having any tax exempt status.

I believe I’ve mentioned that Kimberlin is a convicted perjurer who has been caught forging documents submitted as evidence in recent court cases. It seems that the leopard still has his spots.

BTW, clicking on the Authorize Net or PayPal DONATE buttons at protectourelections dot org takes you to pages that say the donations are for Protect Our Elections. Clicking on the Authorize Net button at the Justice Through Music Project site takes you to a donation page for EMPR, Kimberlin’s Ukrainian news website. The PayPal button takes you to a Protect Our Elections donation page.

Caveat donator.

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  1. I know this is only related to Team Kimberlin in a tangential way, but I find it beyond the bounds of hilarity to see that Bill Schmalfeldt’s most recent Twitter account @ThePortlyPundit was hijacked by crypto scammers about a month ago…and no one seems to have noticed but me.

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