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Convicted perjurer Brett Kimberlin is a liar, and a rather bad one, at that. The TKPOTD for eight years ago today dealt with one his more mindbogglingly stupid lies.

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This is from The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s Response in Opposition to Defendant Walker’s Motion to Exceed Page Limit and to Strike which he filed in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness this past Monday.ECF 61-15It is trivially easy to prove that statement false. Here are couple of examples:

On 9 January, 2012, Judge Rupp granted Aaron Walker’s motion to seal court papers filed by TDPK in the Kimberlin v. Allen lawsuit that contained Aaron’s personal information.

On 25 June, 2012, Judge Rupp granted Aaron’s motion for a partial stay off the unconstitutional peace order TDPK was granted against Aaron in May, 2012.

I’m very pleased that TDPK is putting this sort of junk in his motions. Having such easily disproved misstatements in his motions serves to undermine his credibility with the court.


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Of course, his transparent lying in court papers has helped maintain to his perfect .000 batting average in his LOLsuits since Hogewash! took notice of him.

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