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One of the recurring themes in the mockery of the legal theories advanced by Team Kimberlin in support of their lawfare has been the suggestion they are getting from Acme Legal, the legal department of the firm that provides all those fine products to a certain coyote. For example, this Acme Legal Citation Du Jour ran eight years ago today.

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@weltschmerz201502081354ZIt will be amusing to see how The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt tries to spin the facts to show damage to his First Amendment rights because a bunch of folks said truthful things and published opinions about him on the Internet.

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It’s been suggested that Team Kimberlin buys their business cards from Acme as well.

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  1. In other news, it appears that Schmalfeldt’s Facebook page is gone, and hi most recent Twitter account has been taken over by NFT/Crypto scammers.

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