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One of the reasons why Team Kimberlin has maintained a perfect batting average of 0.000 with their LOLsuits is their reliance on crackpot legal theories. This Legal LULZ Du Jour ran seven years ago today.

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JWR smallThe Cabin Boy™ has been hitting the … um … the books … yeah, that’s it … hitting the books over at the Acme Legal Law Library and has come up with another couple of cockamamie theories. He really doesn’t understand the doctrine of res judicata.


I’ve never claimed that Roy Schmalfeldt’s allegations against the Cabin Boy™ are true. What I have noted is that by dismissing his lawsuit against Roy with prejudice, it now a settled matter that the Cabin Boy™ could not prove that what was said was false. I’ve also noted that the legal doctrine of res judicata prohibits The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt from ever suing his distant cousin Roy over those statements again. By extension, if it wasn’t defamatory for Roy to make those statements before 19 August, 2015, it still shouldn’t be defamatory now.

Should someone else say the same thing about Bill Schmalfeldt? I wouldn’t advise it. However, it is not defamation to report the factual outcome of a court case or to offer an opinion about the future consequences of that case.

YGNQ201601121920Zpopcorn4bkThe Cabin Boy™ sued “Roy Schmalfeldt” and lost. The fact that the Cabin Boy™ didn’t know for sure exactly who he was suing doesn’t affect whether res judicata applies. The Cabin Boy™ is suing an unknown Roy in his LOLsuit VI: The Undiscovered Krendler, and res judicata shields that Roy from any thing that the Cabin Boy™ sued or could have sued about prior to 19 August, 2015. If TDPS decides to ID a particular person as “Roy Schmalfeldt,” that should have the affect of transferring the res judicata shield to that defendant.

The Cabin Boy™ should ask The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin about res judicata and it’s bite.

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As we saw in Brett Kimberlin’s latest loss at the Supreme Court, even a white shoe law firm has trouble saving a case when the facts and the law are against you.

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