3 thoughts on “They Did It Again

  1. I’m pretty sure that it’s the #starporn hashtag that is getting them flagged. Try leaving it off a post and see what happens. Bots will just look for a word in a dictionary list and flag every post that contains it.

    • Tweets with that hashtag have gone through unmolested since this nonsense started in mid December, and thousands of tweets went through over the past decade. If the hashtag is tripping something, Twitter’s published policy says that adding the warning is done manually, which implies that a human being is looking at the contents of the tweet and determining that it contains nudity, sexual content, excessive gore or violence, or hate.

      The warnings are facially false.
      Twitter has removed warnings from some of the tweets.
      Twitter has falsely claimed to have removed warnings from tweets that still have warnings.

      I am not amused.

  2. I think you’re the victim of a badly designed compression algorithm. If I take a closeup picture of an exposed asshole (literally, not figuratively) and compare it to a picture of a novae-type image, I would say that they’re likely to be generally similar with a dark irregular spot in the center and deformed radials extending outwards surrounded by a cloud of brighter gasses. If the reviewers are only seeing the compressed image, and not the original, its easy to imagine that they could see Marilyn Chambers’ behind in the image of NGC 6334. I know because I can, which is another reason I love asstronomical photography.

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