Someone Else’s Tax Returns

Because they are none of my business, I don’t plan to look a Donald Trumps tax returns. However, I probably won’t be able to completely avoid people who have stuck their noses where they don’t belong running off at the mouth or keyboard about them.


2 thoughts on “Someone Else’s Tax Returns

  1. Last I heard is that it’s legal to follow the law.

    If loudmouth busybodies don’t like other people making personal economic decisions to reduce their tax burden, those loudmouth busybodies need to direct their screaming at the people who write the tax laws – the Congress of the United States.

    Maybe those loudmouth busybodies don’t actually care about the law. Maybe they just care about their own screaming, no matter how stupid it sounds.

  2. How about seeing the loudmouth busybodies’ tax forms. Maybe that would help in seeing how THEY have abused the system for all these years.
    That would be a good start for the New Year.

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