Another Trip Gets Cancelled

I first came in contact with Rebekah Jones when I covered the court hearings related to her attempt to secure a Maryland peace order against Christina Pushaw. Two, no make that three, things seemed obvious about Jones.

First, that she had no evidence for the claims she was making against Ms. Pushaw.

Second, that she was running some kind of grift.

Third, that she was detached from Reality.

It now appears the grift turned into or was the basis for her congressional campaign. She initially tried to get it stated in the 6th District here in Maryland, but she quickly found she would have been crushed in the Democrat primary by the incumbent David Trone. She moved back to Florida and wound up losing the election to Matt Gaetz. When that happened, I noted that she wouldn’t have to comment back from DC for her felony computer crime trial scheduled early next year.

I had considered spending a few days in Florida covering that trial, but the trip is no longer necessary. Jones has entered into a deferred prosecution agreement in which “[d]efendant admits her guilt of the offense(s) charged.”

Somethings have proceeded more rapidly than I had foreseen.

4 thoughts on “Another Trip Gets Cancelled

  1. Some “journalists” feel compelled to treat the whacko antics of Rebekah Jones as a legitimate story.

    Actual journalism has a standard regarding lies vs truth. Both the lie and the truth should be stated, and both should be examined with information from people and records.

    For some “journalists”, that standard has ceased. Their reporting about politics has morphed into the personal feelings.

    These particular “journalists” encourage whackos like Rebekah Jones to do as much damage as possible. These particular “journalists” are willing to use their personal tools and avenues to assist whackos like Rebekah Jones.

  2. A follow up from 12/14/2022

    “I think it’s important for her to take responsibility for her actions because, as we know, she does a lot of public announcements about how she is not guilty, which I understand is still going on,” prosecutor Georgia Cappleman said.

    The deferred prosecution deal says if Jones complies with all of its conditions, charges against her will be dismissed within two years.

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