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Perhaps the stupidest lies Team Kimberlin ever told about one of their enemies were the anti-Semetic slurs aimed at Aaron Walker. This post from ten years ago today was about Team Kimberlin and Anti-Semitism.

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Stacy McCain has a post up about the nonsensical way Team Kimberlin and its enablers are using anti-Semitic slurs against Aaron Walker. Read the whole thing, but before you go, let me point out that Mr. Walker is not a Jew. Religiously, he’s a Presbyterian. Ethnically, his roots, like mine, are from the British Isles and Northern Europe. To paraphrase Disraeli, when Jews were serving as priests in the Temple of Solomon, our ancestors were roaming the woods of an undiscovered island.

Oh, one more thing. Anti-Semites are intellectual and moral scum.

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Intellectual and moral scum … yeah, Team Kimberlin would fit right in.

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