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Brett Kimberlin is still trying to find a way to get out of his Speedway Bombing conviction. He’s petitioning the Supreme Court to review the Seventh Circuit’s denial of his latest appeal. He was convicted over 40 years ago.

The TKPOTD for nine years ago today looked at Mark Singer’s conclusion about Kimberlin’s guilt. Singer spend several years in the ’90s researching and writing Kimberlin’s authorized biography.

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Mark Singer spent four years researching Brett Kimberlin while writing Citizen K. One of his conclusions was that Kimberlin exploited the tiniest perceived crack in the details of a story in order to spin things his way. On page 323, Singer reviews Kimberlin’s defense during his third bombing trial.

[I]t was those flaws that empowered Brett Kimberlin to obscure the truth. He did his cleverest  work in the interstices, and I spent months wandering through his disclaimers and prevarications before deciding, finally, that this was a case of homework, along with truth, being eaten by the dog, pissed on by the cat, and buried in the backyard. In Kimberlin’s case, the scenario was: I didn’t do the bombings; my brother Scott did, or else his friend Scott, or maybe my brother’s friend Joe. Besides, it wasn’t really bombings that put me in prison, but a right-wing political conspiracy. The government is corrupt, and I’ve always been a prisoner of war. If the eyewitness, Lynn Coleman, lied, then everybody else is a perjurer. If hypnosis witnesses were impeachable, the entire case is a dishonest confection.

When Kimberlin delivered a similarly sanctimonious oration at his sentencing hearing, he apparently believed in his innocence. At the end of the day, I decidedly did not.

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The government has filed is opposition brief to Kimberlin’s petition. His reply brief would normally be due 14 days after the opposition, but the 14th day is Thanksgiving. The court is closed for the holiday and the day after, so he has until Monday to file a reply.

Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Do the local newspapers\media for Speedway, Indiana ever post updates on their very own domestic terrorist?

    It seems that would be interesting piece for a lot of people in the area?

    • Pedo Brett’s neighbors in the Beltway sure know how they feel about this. Monica Hesse, when she was at the vile Washington Post, wrote a glowing profile about him that didn’t mention the prison, pedophilia, bombs, or murders.

      His own state senator from a few years ago decided the way to deal with the pedophile and bomber was to introduce a law that allows perjurers to testify in court.

      The people in and near DC are just fine with murdering pedophiles, as long as they’re perjuring themselves against those of us who dislike DC politics.

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