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AFAIK, no one has ever suggested that Brett Kimberlin is normal. The TKPOTD for nine years ago today examined one of his oddities described in his authorized biography.

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Brett Kimberlin is suing four codefendants and me in a Maryland court for a million bucks for writing truthful things about him. He’s suing 20+ codefendants and me in federal court alleging that we formed a racketeering enterprise to spread lies about him. Back in 1996, Mark Singer published an authorized biography of The Dread Pirate Kimberlin called Citizen K. This passage is from page 78—

Eyebrows levitated. A drug-dealing colleague had memories of conversations with Kimberlin that struck him as odd: “We’d see a girl who was pubescent or prepubescent, and Brett would get this smile and say, ‘Hey, what do you think? Isn’t she great?’ It made me very uncomfortable.” Another recalled Kimberlin introducing Jessica as “my girlfriend,” and if irony was intended, it was too subtile to register. To a co-worker at IU-PUI, Sandi confided that Kimberlin was “grooming Jessica to be his wife.” To another, Sandi explained that though Kimberlin’s relationship with Jessica was chaste, he intended “to wait for her and would marry her.”

“Jessica” was a middle-school age girl at the time. Sandi was her mother.

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When he did marry, he forged a birth certificate so he could wed an underage girl.

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  1. Parents, if you meet an international drug trafficker who claims he’s a nudist, that doesn’t mean he’s allowed to hang out with your 10 year old children while he’s completely nude.

    No wonder Julia Scyphers didn’t want that deranged little psycho anywhere near kids.

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