And Just Like That …

… the vote tally in Maryland’s 6th Congressional District flipped.

After the early, election day, and initial mail-in ballots were counted, the Republican challenger Neil Parrott had a 4,457 vote lead out of the 201,035 counted. A 2.26 % spread is usually outside the margin of theft. Usually.

However, Montgomery County has begun its count of mail-in ballots received with postmarks on or before election day. This morning, the Democrat incumbent David Trone has taken a 5,934 vote out of 222,796 lead. So out of the 21,761 mail-in ballots received by Montgomery County since election day, Trone received 10,391 more votes than Parrott. That’s roughly the same 3:1 ratio favoring Trone as the previously counted mail-in vote.

The other counties in the district have not yet reported their post-election mail-in counts, and ballots postmarked on or before election day can be counted if they are received as late as next Friday. Counting of provisional ballots cast on election day begins next Wednesday.

It probably doesn’t matter what mail-in and provisional vote counts are in Frederick, Washington, Allegany, and Garrett Counties. There won’t be enough of them.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

Republicans are going to have to learn to play by the new rules.

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