Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

The government has filed its reply with the Supreme Court to Brett Kimberlin’s petition for a writ of certiorari. Kimberlin is seeking to have his Speedway Bombing convictions overturned via a writ of coram nobis. The government has asked the Supreme Court not waste everyone’s time hearing Kimberlin’s appeal.

Here’s the TL/DR:

Given the weakness of petitioner’s substantive claims and his lack of any justification for the delay in raising them, this case would be a poor vehicle to review the bounds of coram nobis relief. Even if petitioner could establish that a vacatur of only some of his convictions could satisfy the collateral consequences requirement, he still would not be entitled to the relief he seeks.

There are 83 entries in the Related Proceedings section, and that reminds me of this quote from Kimberlin himself—

I have filed over a hundred lawsuits and another one will be no sweat for me. On the other hand, it will cost you a lot of time and money.

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