The Good, The Bad, and The Interesting

Well, that election isn’t working out as the polling suggested, but there were a few good races. Consider FL-1. Matt Gaetz held the seat for Republican, crushing accused felon Rebekah Jones with a better than 2:1 margin. Consider TN-5, my old home district. Andy Ogles will be the first Republican to represent that district. Ever.

And in the deep blue state of Maryland, I live in a deep red county. No Democrat won any of the local races here in Carroll County. While all of the statewide races were won by Democrats, none of them received as much as 32 percent of the vote here.

The generally bad performance of Republicans in holding (PA) or flipping (GA, AZ) senate seats may give Chuck Schumer another two years as Majority Leader—and to confirm judges. That would be very bad.

While no one was paying attention something interesting has been going on in MD-6. David Trone was expected to hold the seat for the Democrats, and the last polling showed him up about 6 percent. He was more than 10,000 votes ahead in the early voting and the mail in ballots counted on election day. However, with all precincts reporting their election day results Neil Parrott has a 4,457 vote lead out of the 201,035 counted so far. A 2.26 percent lead is generally outside the margin of theft, but Trone has a better than 3:1 edge in the mail in ballots counted to date, and mail ballots postmarked by election day can be counted as late as the second Friday after the election (the 18th). Also, not all of the mail in ballots that have arrived have been counted. Some are being held to be counted with the provisional ballots. (Counting the provisional ballots begins on 16 November, the second Wednesday after the election.) The State Board of Elections claims this helps preserve the secrecy of the provisional ballots.

Some mail-in ballots will be counted when the provisional ballots are counted. This helps preserve the secrecy of the votes on provisional ballots. For example, if only one voter in a precinct voted a provisional ballot, it is possible you could know how that voter voted. If five mail-in ballots are counted with that provisional ballot, the selections of the provisional voter remain secret.

Of course, it also provides a reservoir of votes to be found for the proper candidate. MD-6 shouldn’t be too close to call, but it is.

Stay tuned.

Oh, one more thing … I selected today’s Quote of the Day on Monday. Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

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