2 thoughts on “Lane Discipline

  1. In California with the exception of passing or bumper to bumper traffic you are supposed to drive in the far right (slow) lane. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know that.

    I hate it when somebody gets on the freeway moves across four or five lanes, cutting people off and plants their selves in the fast/passing lane at less than the speed of traffic. Or when you let a person move into the lane in front of you and they go slower than traffic or you were driving.

    Then of course when they try to kill you by moving into your lane without looking. Or when you’re in the slow lane and someone gets on the freeway and starts moving over right next to you, trying to occupy the same spot your car is already in.

    How about when two lanes turn left. You’re in the right lane and when the light changes the car to your left tries to occupy your lane, where you are driving.

    And there’s tailgating you when you’re in the slow lane, there’s a car in front of you, a car to your left, and they could pass you in other lanes.

    And finally my favorite is when someone makes a right or left turn from the middle lane of the road. I’m not talking about the turning lane I’m talking about the middle lane of the traffic going your way. I’ve had to slam on my brakes number of times.

    Does anyone else have pet peeves about bad drivers?

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