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I’ve often mentioned what bad liars the members of Team Kimberlin are. This Bonus Prevarication Du Jour from nine years ago today dealt with one silly lie tweeted by Bill Schmalfeldt.

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Bill Schmalfeldt now seems to think that he can “prove” that he was never put on notice to stop contacting me. (H/T, @kylekiernan) (H/T, Bill Schmalfeldt, who sent me a link to his post at teamschmalfeldt dot com)

The Circuit Court looked at the evidence presented, including Schmalfeldt’s admission that he was the user of the @oldunclebastard account, and determined that he was on notice. Now he’s trying to claim that the link in his tweet doesn’t connect to my blog post.ffr201310041642Z


Gentle Reader, click on the link and see for yourself:

Does he really think that no one would fact check such a claim?

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I suspect that nine years ago the answer to that question was, “Yes.” It took several years for the Cabin Boy™ to realize that his his claims were subject to verification.

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  1. A certain mindset exists which can be defined thusly: Making an assertion on twitter carries the same weight as a ruling in a court of law. Much of modern journalism seems to agree with that mindset.

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