Law Enforcement Priorities

Item 1: A Texas sheriff will investigate DeSantis’ flight of migrants to Martha’s Vineyard. Sheriff Javier Salazar of Bexar County (which includes San Antonio) has opened a criminal investigation into Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. The sheriff said in a news release Monday that his office is investigating whether the migrants who were flown to Martha’s Vineyard were victims of crimes

Item 2: NY DA launches probe into fraud allegations over Zeldin nomination. The Albany County, New York, district attorney is reportedly moving forward with a probe into election-fraud allegations connected to the nomination of the Republican candidate for governor the same week absentee ballots are being sent out in the high-stakes race against Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul.

I’m reminded of a saying from another politicized policeman—

Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime.

—Lavrentiy Beria

2 thoughts on “Law Enforcement Priorities

  1. What crime could have been committed in the Texas Sheriff’s jurisdiction? If the people were flown from Florida to Massachusetts it is difficult to imagine that the Texas county Sheriff has any standing. But facts and the law don’t matter to these people.

    • The illegal immigrants were in Texas and scheduled to be moved to Florida by the feds. Florida offered to fly them to Massachusetts instead, and some voluntarily took Florida’s offer. The flights to Martha’s Vineyard originated in Texas.

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