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One of the reason the Brett Kimberlin failed in his campaign of pro se lawfare was his inability to see the possible consequences of his court filings. The TKPOTD for six years ago dealt with one of the admissions against interest he made in motion. Take a look at paragraph 7 in his motion.

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The Kimberlins have filed this motion in the Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit seeking to depose Aaron Walker’s wife before the trial.

It will be interesting to see how the court rules on this during the 30 September motions hearing.

The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin says he wants to have copies of the pictures Mrs. Walker took of him on 1 March, 2013, while he was stalking her. I don’t have any of them, but I do have this picture of him cruising the parking lot of the Howard County District Courthouse one week later on the date of a peace order hearing against Bill Schmalfeldt. That hearing was continued for two weeks. Schmalfeldt was out of town because of his mother’s death.20130308-152751.jpgTPDK drove around the lot, apparently looking for a particular vehicle, and left after circling the lot twice. He returned a half-hour later (just before the hearing time), circled the lot again, and left again. I believe that he was looking for the Walker’s SUV with Virginia tags. The second time he cruised the lot, he stopped in front of the car in which Aaron was sitting (a borrowed sedan with Maryland plates) without recognizing Aaron. It’s likely the Kimberlin was trying to serve a motion on Aaron, because one was mailed to him from the Elliott City post office that afternoon. The handwriting on the envelope appeared to be Kimberlin’s. Schmalfeldt was out of town and could not have mailed it.

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I saved several of the cartoons the Cockroach (Vigilans Vindex) posted as comments here, and the one for the original post sums up Kimberlin’s mistake.Heh.

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