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Bill Schmalfeldt took several turns as editor of Breitbart Unmasked, but his GS-13 editorial skills were never quite up to the job. A BU post that appeared five years ago today showcased on of his common errors. The post was titled Hoge Admits His Role in Conspiracy. The post, which appears to be work-for-hire and thus owned by BU, begins—

He claims his “Johnny Atsign” feature is a work of fiction. But is it? Would a good libel attorney be able to bust Hoge for pointing out that his readers know perfectly well who and what he is talking about?

In today’s “episode,” Hoge writes about his involvement in what he calls a “honeypot”, a ruse designed to authenticate already authenticated information about me.

CHARACTER LIST: GROUCH, me; GRAYSON, Patrick Grady; ZOMBIE, “Paul Krendler;” JOHNNY, Hoge.

He then begins an extensive quote of a Johnny Atsign episode, and then writes this—

Does that even make any sense? I discovered the website accidentally by doing a search on the way “Krendler” and his readers spelled Hoge’s name with 21 O’s at certain times. I didn’t write a word about it until I had salvaged as much as I could from the Google Cache, from which one will find no sign of to this day.

Once I had all I could salvage, I revealed my discovery. Hoge immediately declared it a “honeypot.” Hundreds of pages and images, beginning March 28, 2014, and ending March 9, 2015. And Hoge admits his part in it.

If it is fake, it’s still horrible! It shows how determined Hoge, Grady, Palmer, Johnson and the whole Hee Haw gang were at pretending they were gathering evidence they hoped I would discover at about the same time my wife was dying.

If it’s real, it’s horrible. It is a journal of conspiracy showing how the gang worked under the cover of a members-only website to trade bits of personal information about me in an effort to wreck my life.

Either way, it’s horrible. And it will be introduced as evidence in the Federal Libel and Conspiracy trial in South Carolina.


Of course, I admitted no such thing. Oh, and nothing got admitted into evidence in the Cabin Boy’s™ LOLsuit VIII because the suit didn’t survive a motion to dismiss.

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