Disinformation Governance Board Sent Down the Memory Hole

(H/T, @ArronWorthing) The Washington Times is reporting that DHS Secretary Mayorkas has cancelled the charter of the Disinformation Governance Board based on a recommendation of his Homeland Security Advisory Council.

The report was led by Michael Chertoff, a former Homeland Security secretary in the Bush administration, and Jamie Gorelick, a former deputy attorney general in the Clinton administration. Suggesting the department might be straying too far from its mission, Mr. Chertoff said, “They don’t have a red pencil to correct everything in the world that’s not true.” That’s Oldspeak for “idea doubleplusungood rewrite fullwise.”

3 thoughts on “Disinformation Governance Board Sent Down the Memory Hole

  1. Getting rid of the Department of Supposed Homeland Security would be a big step towards re-establishing individual rights under the United States constitution.

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