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In May, 2012, I started writing about Brett Kimberlin when he managed to get a judge to issue a patently unconstitutional gag order against Aaron Walker. Not long thereafter, I also began writing about Kimberlin’s associates and enablers. Nine years ago today, I posted this explaining Why Bother with #BillSchmalfeldt?

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That’s a good question.

He has 44 followers on Twitter. His Klout score is 10. He has vanishingly small traffic at his websites. And, yet, he has a devoted group of followers who wish to see him removed from the Internet. (For the record, I’m not a member of that group; as far as I’m concerned, he can stay on the web if he behaves himself.)

I deal with the Cabin Boy because he is a sore spot on the backside of the Internet that has afflicted my friends and me. Things have worked out so that I’m the one who has been in the right position to bring some justice his way. It’s sorta/kinda sad to watch Schmalfeldt ruin his own life, but it is satisfying to participate in building a firewall between him and the decent folks he had harassed.

popcorn4bkCabin Boy Bill acts as if he has the sort of bully pulpit that would allow him to set the agenda. I think not. He can foam at the mouth and froth at his keyboard, but he will be dealt with by my colleagues and me when we choose and in the manner we choose.

Losers don’t get to be choosers.

<snark>Oh, one more thing … given that I made reference to Schmalfeldt’s lack of success on the Internet, he will probably suggest that I wish to compare bits of our anatomy. I really don’t care about his bodily parts, and all of mine seem to be working just fine at the moment.</snark>

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The LinkedIn page for a guy  “[g]etting paid for talking on the radio Coffeyville, Kansas,” no longer exists. Meanwhile, my podcasting partners and I completed another episode of The Other Podcast last night.

3 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. I will note for the record that when the Cabin Boy was asked about his most recent unexpected retirement and whether he would be waiting until after tourist season to return to South Cackalacky to freeload off the in-laws, his response was to block the responsible journalist who posed the question. Shocking, right?

  2. Did SmallBalls get canned from yet another radio job? Is it time yet to phone Guiness and get him in the record books? Have those new teeth been purchased yet? Is Brett still his bestest friend? Enquiring minds want to know . lol

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