An Isolated Dwarf

Some galaxies are comparatively isolated. One such galaxy is the dwarf galaxy known as DDO 190 (DDO stands for the David Dunlap Observatory where the DDO catalog was created). DDO 190 is classified as a dwarf irregular galaxy because of its relatively small size and amorphous structure with a mix of old and new stars. The older red stars are generally found in DDO 190’s outskirts, and the younger, blue ones are mostly in the interior.

DDO 190 is about 9 million light years away. It’s a member of the loosely associated Messier 94 group of galaxies. Although within the Messier 94 group, DDO 190 is fairly isolated. The galaxy’s nearest dwarf galaxy neighbor is thought to be at least 3 million light years away from DDO 190. Many of the Milky Way’s companion galaxies, including the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds, are within 20 percent of that distance. The Andromeda Galaxy is closer to the Milky Way than DDO 190 is to its nearest neighbor.

Image Credit: NASA

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