Proper Resource Allocation

I just had a conversation with a recent widow who has spent the past five months trying to get changes in her Social Security payments straightened out. She made the observation that everyone she’s talked to appeared to be overwhelmed by their workloads.

And in other news, the government now plans to hire 87,000 new IRS agents.

2 thoughts on “Proper Resource Allocation

  1. Para-phrasing a generic quote:

    Any power you grant to a government will eventually be used against you.

  2. Whenever I hiring the government is hiring, I think of the guys on The Sopranos, sitting around the job site in lawn chairs for their “no work” jobs, while the guy with the even-cushier “no show” job pulls up and says “Hey guys, good job on this no work bit. Is there anything around worth stealin’?”.

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