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Because the members of Team Kimberlin tell whatever lie they believe is useful at any given moment, they often wind up contradicting themselves. This post about Cognitive Dissonance & Military Timekeeping first ran nine years ago today.

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This evening, Sore Loserman Bill Schmalfeldt tweeted this:

RadioWMS [redacted] My [redacted] #2 — this is my hobby, not a job.
10:27 PM – 2 Aug 13 GMT

It seems to be a response made to comments here at Hogewash!, and it appears to be a rather odd position for Schmalfeldt to take considering that he told the Circuit court that the

Peace Order violates the Americans With Disabilities Act by discriminating against Respondent, an American with advanced Parkinson’s disease, by limiting his employment

Then again, the Cabin Boy writes lots of odd stuff.

One other thing … 2 am? In the Navy? How about Oh-Two-Hundred or 4 Bells? Which reminds me of a great line an AFVN (Armed Forces Viet Nam) DJ once used:

This is AFVN, the Armed Force Viet Nam Network. Stay tuned for the news at 1600. For the Air Force, that’s 4 o’clock. For the Navy, that’s 8 bells. And for you Marines, Mickey’s little hand is … [fade to newscast opening]

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BTW, the Cabin Boy™ did spend part of his tour as a Hospital Corpsman imagining that he was storming the beach in Lebanon with the Marines.

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