When It Absolutely, Positively Has To Be There Overnight …

… I can no longer trust FedEx to keep an overnight delivery commitment.

On Thursday, I determined that we need to add an additional switching function to a piece of custom test equipment in the lab at Goddard Space Flight Center. One of the critical components we needed was available in stock at a company in Texas. I ordered it for overnight delivery via FedEx. Late Friday afternoon, FedEx said that the package would be delivered on Monday instead of Friday.

Calling their 800 number sent me through a maze of phone menus. When I finally got to a human being , I was told that the shipment was delayed because of high volume at FedEx’s Linthicum, Maryland, facility. No help was offered.

@FedExHelp was also unhelpful. I was told was in a container that would not be available until Monday.

This not the first time this year that FedEx has failed meet the delivery commitments I paid for. I don’t believe I will ever use FedEx again if another option is available.

2 thoughts on “When It Absolutely, Positively Has To Be There Overnight …

  1. Understandable frustration. I would be curious to see if you get more reliable service from any other carrier.
    For me this is another worrisome indicator of supply chain problems.

    • Late delivery has been a continuing problem with FedEx. I have had no issues with other carriers such as UPS.

      This is not a supply chain issue per se. The delayed deliveries have always shipped on time. They haven’t been delayed in transit. The problem seems to be getting from the local terminal to the point of final delivery. FedEx appears to be either unwilling to or incapable of correcting the problem.

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