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Sometimes the members of Team Kimberlin have really had to stretch to make a bit of “evidence” appear to support one of their silly claims. This post about William’s Clean .45 from  nine years ago cites one example.

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Back in January, when Bill Schmalfeldt tweeted to some of us that he was going after our kids, my 25 year old son William did a guest post suggesting to the Cabin Boy that he would be a more appropriate target for Schmalfeldt to take on rather than some of the toddlers or even teenagers among our kids. William included a picture of himself so that Schmalfeldt would know who to come after.

Schmalfeldt insists that the picture constitutes a threat because it shows William cleaning a pistol. He keeps saying how he’s going to use it in court. Actually, he’s already tried. His lawyer showed the picture to me for identification while cross examining me during the 28 February peace order hearing. When I said, “That’s a picture of my son cleaning his .45,” he asked me if thought it was threatening. When answered, No,” he dropped that line of questioning without introducing the picture into evidence.

Here’s what the lower lefthand corner of the picture shows:Wm'sClean45

As you can see, the pistol is disassembled. I’ve labeled the major components. A field stripped pistol isn’t much of a threat.

One would think that, given his service as a Medical Corpsman with the Marines, Bill Schmalfeldt would have see enough field stripped pistols to recognize a picture of one.

OTOH, given the unsafe gun handling he demonstrates in this picture, he may not have learned much from the Marines after all.GEOne more thing … Someone’s gonna ask, so I’ll answer this now. It’s not a Model 1911. It’s a CZ97.

* * * * *

They’ve been lucky that they’ve only been shooting themselves in the foot metaphorically. So far.

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