1 thought on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

  1. They can’t. Their ego and narcissism combine to block out reality. And they don’t really care, anyway. They already have what they want.

    I think it was Sowell (or maybe Friedman) who told the joke, “An environmentalist is someone who ALREADY has THEIR cabin in the woods.” They then immediately feel a virtuous urge to keep everyone else out, supposedly under the banner of environmentalism.

    Same with our supposed leaders and elite. They don’t care about inflation. They already have theirs. Everyone else should just shut up and buy electric cars, or something… whatever. And the press just plays along because they want to feel included with the cool people. Like in middle school.

    Damn, where’s that Learjet? I’ve got to get to the next big meet-up. Kerry’s bringing the broads and booze. Don’t wanna miss that!

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