3 thoughts on “Don’t Know Much Biology

  1. The arrogant smugness of this woman is astounding. The lack of logic and reason in her statements is stunning. And she has those same crazy eyes you see on people like Charles Manson, AOC and Jennifer Wexton. This woman is nuts.

    • I suspect the lack of logic is intentional, meant to gaslight and influence normal society. Just a year ago this law professor was involved in writing and speaking about women’s rights issues. Now she and other academics and bureaucrats are reluctant to even say the word “woman”. Something has changed in what they are being directed to do.

      I can’t see how them acting and speaking like petulant adolescents can help their causes. Do they even have definable goals? Is talking like a dumbass a viable method to achieve a particular goal? Maybe, I guess.

      Maybe the current onslaught of loonies espousing language, gender, and cultural ridiculousness are actually political plants meant to bring about the demise of the democrat party.

  2. The goal is not to persuade you, they know they can’t. The goal is to establish mastery over your speech and compel your compliance. Every time someone gives in to this, it becomes that much easier to give in next time.

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