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Team Kimberlin is a bunch of bullies and bully wannabes, and one common characteristic of bullies is their belief that it is unfair when a victim pushes back. “No fair! You hit me back.” Team Kimberlin spent several years in shock when they had begin dealing with be held accountable for their actions. This Prevarication Du Jour from five years ago today dealt with a complaint from Bill Schmalfeldt about the consequences of his cyberbullying catching up with him.

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That tweet is addressed to (at)breitbitnews and (at)wjjhoge. While it is true that Breitbit News seems to be “full of lies and thoughtless garbage,” given the Feltdown in which the tweet is embedded, I’ll bet it is really addressed to me.

Gentle Reader, note the timestamp on the tweet: 11:58 last night. At 10:06:18 last night, the Cabin Boy™ logged in to Hogewash!, and conducted a search on the term tenant. His search returned 14 hits which contained the following—

A Don’t Know Much About History post pointing out that Napolean once held the rank of Second LieuTENANT

A post about the previous Maryland Governor’s race that mentioned one of the candidates, LieuTENANT Governor Anthony Brown

A post making fun of Very Ordinary Seaman Ferguson which ended with a picture of John Cleese as the French soldier mocking King Arthur that was captioned: MainTENANT pars, ou je vais vous marguer une seconde fois!

A post about my time in the Army when I held the rank of Second LieuTENANT

A post about one of my mentors, Paul Klipsch, that notes he served as a LieuTENANT Colonel

Some Yours Truly, Johonny Atsign episodes featuring LieuTENANT Bradshaw

Thus, the Cabin Boy™ had just searched Hogewash! and had seen for himself that I have never published anything about him as a tenant. Yet, he recklessly published that false tweet any way. That was very unwise.

It would also be unwise for any litigant in a civil matter to move without immediately informing the court(s) involved of his change of address.

UPDATE—I suppose Schmalfeldt’s question deserves an answer. Hypothetically, it would not be OK for someone to be denied a lease because of lies someone had told about him. However, I don’t believe that is what has happened to Bill Schmalfeldt.

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A dozen restraining order can have an adverse effect on one’s reputation.

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