A Civil Rights Update

Governor Larry Hogan has directed the Maryland State Police to suspend use of the “good and substantial reason” requirement for a “Wear and Carry” permit previously used to suppress most citizens’ ability to exercise Second Amendment rights outside of their homes. This is a good first step in bringing Maryland into compliance with the Second Amendment.

Maryland’s “assault weapons” ban was upheld by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, but the Supreme Court has vacated that decision and sent the case back to the Fourth Circuit to be reconsidered in light of Bruen. The Fourth Circuit had previously upheld Maryland’s restrictions on standard capacity magazines, but last week, the Supreme Court overturned California’s and New Jersey’s bans which are more or less the same as Maryland’s

A challenge to Maryland’s Handgun Qualification License (essentially a permit to purchase) is also pending before the Fourth Circuit.

The next few months will bring some interesting decisions at the Fourth Circuit, and I suspect the next session of the Maryland Legislature will bring out campaign of massive resistance to Second Amendment rights from the Democrat majority.

We shall see.

1 thought on “A Civil Rights Update

  1. (NB: The 99% of decent people out there already know the information following, but I’m posting for the benefit of any terrorists, pedophiles, or stalkers who seem to have stalked this blog in the past)

    Remember that weapons are supposed to be kept and used for lawful self-defense, and definitely not for criminal aggression against the innocent. Since a tiny deranged minority somehow doesn’t understand this, here’s a handy checklist of scenarios:

    Defending against violent career criminals who show up to your home: GOOD
    Sending violent career criminals to grandma’s homes to murder them: BAD

    Nearly everyone finds these basic ideas really easy to master once they start to get the hang of them. A few people take longer to figure it out, such as people who try to pick up elementary school girls to romance them, for some reason.

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