Today’s Shooting in Highland Park

I’ve been asked to speculate on the type of weapon used by the Highland Park shooter. I’ve heard audio of the shooting, but beyond commenting that it was likely some sort of repeating firearm, I’ve got nothing else to say. The type of weapon will eventually be identified.

I’ve seen an unsubstantiated report that a “high powered” rifle has been recovered. Perhaps one was. I’m content to wait for the police or prosecutors working the case to identify the weapon when it suits the progress of their investigation.

2 thoughts on “Today’s Shooting in Highland Park

  1. The AR-15 is frequently called a “high powered rifle.” However, in Virginia, I can’t hunt a deer with the .223 because it won’t humanely kill a deer quickly enough. And the .223 is not nearly at the top of the list on energy foot pounds when compared to other projectiles from other rifles.

    I am going to suspect that if an AR-15 was used they’d be trumpeting that fact all over the news by now. We’ll have to wait and see what this coward used to murder innocent people today. But the person pulling the trigger is the problem, not the gun.

  2. Twelve? rounds, six kills, more injured — From an adjacent rooftop.
    Aand of course, after they have the ‘Lone Gunman’ and his rifle, there is
    no way of knowing if a pro with a suppressed weapon was there as well.

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