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AFAIK, Team Kimberlin has never had any issues with pronouns, but I’ve had to instruct them on several occasions about other parts of speech. This post about Prepositions 101 ran nine years ago today.

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I’m kinda tired after a long weekend of outdoor activity combined with extended time behind a microphone, but before I take a nap I want explain the definition of a few words. They first two are prepositions.

about on the subject of; concerning: The article was about yellow fever.

to identifying the person or thing affected: He wrote a letter to his friend.

It is possible to talk or write about someone without speaking or writing to him. Bill Schmalfeldt writes a good bit about me. For a long time, he also addressed his writings to me. Those writings addressed to me were annoying and, in some instances, alarming. I asked him to stop directing his writings to me. He did not. A court has ruled that Bill Schmalfeldt was harassing me through those writings addressed to me and has ordered him to stop.

He still writes about me. That’s his right under the First Amendment so long as he steers clear of threats or defamation. Because I have an interest is some of the things he writes about other people, I read Bill Schmalfeldt’s blogs and tweets from time to time. During a lunch break today, I took a look at one of his sites, and as I was finishing, I went to click on a tab on my browser. I was a bit sloppy and clicked the Following button for his site.opps

I quickly unfollowed him, but he received an auto-generated message announcing me as a follower. I suppose the excitement of actually having a follower got to him because he immediately got out a post about it.

Given his quick reaction time to posts I’ve made, I assume that one of my 443 followers on WordPress is one of the Cabin Boy’s sock puppets.

And now for an adverb.

away conceptually to one side, so as no longer to be the focus of attention: I wish Bill Schmalfeldt would go away.

And now to catch up on some sleep.

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The Cabin Boy’s™ (at)portlypundit account on Twitter actually has 4 followers.

1 thought on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Anthony Weiner is back on twitter (no I won’t link to it). Reason I bring it up is because Brett Kimberlin used to have major connections with the Weiner truther conspiracy theory community. Isn’t it ridiculous such a community used to exist? Anyway, maybe he could get into Weiner conspiracy theories again as sort of a fun hobby?

    I don’t actually think this is a good hobby. I just think it could be better than some even worse hobbies I hope he stays away from. You know, the REALLY bad hobbies. Like child sex trafficking in Ukraine. Bombing childrens’ sporting events. Molesting children. Ordering the murder of people who try to STOP you from molesting children. Those are bad hobbies that men like Brett Kimberlin should not participate in anymore. Even if it means putting his time into something monumentally idiotic, like Weiner trutherism.

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