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First, the average electric car cost more than twice what I paid my VW and just barely has the range to handle reliably my typical commute a work site—assuming I run the air conditioning in the summer or considering the effect of cold temperature on battery capacity in the winter.

But even if I can handle the initial capital outlay, will there be a reliable source of affordable electricity available from my public utility? Or will still have to buy gasoline or diesel fuel to run a generator to charge the EV?

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  1. And we won’t talk about how the manufacturer can control your effective battery capacity with a software update. Bad Social Credit score? You can only use 30% of the battery!

  2. Question:

    How long can an electric car run with lights on at night, with heater on in 10 degree-F weather?

    An internal combustion engine produces heat as a by-product, and electricity with very little energy-conversion loss.

    I’m not insisting that one is better than the other – both have good and bad points. But an internal combustion engine is much more versatile, and in fairly simple ways. A lot of technological contortions have to be inserted to make an electric car compete.

    I think the electric car push is more about good intentions and less about effective results.

    The good intentions might be worth achieving, but I’d be more inclined to give electric cars a good consideration if the people pushing their good intentions could make their point without telling outright lies about science, research, and current conditions.

    The saddest part of the energy dialog is seeing dumbass politicians jumping in to say they can fix the weather if you give them more money and give up your civil rights.

  3. In every of the Green fetish I am bothered by fixation on the data plate vs reality mindset. People are making decisions or beliefs on the stated capabilities (the max characteristics usually inscribed on the device data plate) instead how thar device will function in the real world. Leading example is wind turbines. Whatever their rated capacity,their actual output over time is a third of that.

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