Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

The members of Team Kimberlin view themselves as exceptional individuals. As this post from ten years ago today shows, each may be An Exception to the Rule[s], but not necessarily in the way he wishes.

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As a rule, truth is stranger than fiction. Here’s an exception [dead link] (H/T, Stacy McCain). It’s Neal Rauhauser’s weird description of some sort of plot he imagined run by Andrew Breitbart that Rauhauser sent to the FBI and police in New Jersey. The Other McCain comments:

Rauhauser probably should have been institutionalized after he published his eight-page conspiracy theory treatise in February and sent copies of that deranged gibberish to the FBI and to police officials in New Jersey.

After reading the “report,” I’m not sure that I disagree.

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As Stacy says, “Crazy People Are Dangerous™.”

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