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Brett Kimberlin has used his mother’s home address as the legal address for his not for profits. The actual location of their office space was somewhere else, and when that address was reported here at Hogewash!, various members of Team Kimberlin squawked that I had published someone’s home address. The TKPOTD for nine years ago today, looked more deeply into how 6513 79th Place, Cabin John, Maryland, was being used.

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Back on 1 February, I did a post about the office space rented by Brett Kimberlin’s “charities.” I remember one of his Twitter trolls fussing about how I had published the picture of someone’s residence. Ah, no, that was a picture of the office space for Justice Through Music Project and Velvet Revolution US.

OTOH, there was a rumor that someone was living in the house, and there’s another rumor that said individual is no longer there.

Now, I’m not much on rumors, conspiracy theories, and such, but there is some interesting evidence that tends to support the occupancy/non-occupancy rumors. If someone were living in the house, then the property would be watched by the occupant. If no one were there, other security measures might be necessary. The Before picture is from Google Street View and is consistent with the appearance of the property late in 2012. The After picture is from earlier this month. There is no trace of the alarm company sign in the Before picture.paranoia

Paranoia strikes deep—for what it’s worth.

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Meanwhile, a couple of lots up the street

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