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Brett Kimberlin is not only a liar, he he doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut. As the TKPOTD from none years ago today details, he sometimes gets trapped into telling the truth.

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What perjury boils down to is lying under oath. Brett Kimberlin is a perjurer. He was convicted of that crime in November, 1973. He doesn’t seem to have broken the habit. I have seen transcripts of his testimony during the last couple of years where he denied, for example, having had his parole revoked. One need only search for Kimberlin v. Dewalt as a legal document using Google Scholar to find out about Kimberlin’s appeal of his parole revocation.

Speaking of Kimberlin and appeals and perjury, here’s a bit from one of the Seventh Circuits decisions on one of his appeals related to the Speedway Bomber convictions [United States v. Kimberlin, 805 F.2d 210 (1986)]. Kimberlin asserted that allowing the jury to hear about his previous conviction prejudiced them against him.

Defendant testified. During direct examination he testified that he had been convicted of perjury. Defendant argues that the government improperly inquired on cross-examination concerning the details of the offense. On direct, for the obvious purpose of minimizing the offense, and its impact on the jury, defendant testified he was convicted when he had just turned eighteen, the grand jury was investigating drug abuse at the high school, and no lawyer was with him when questioned before the grand jury. Apparently believing that the door had been opened, the prosecutor inquired whether the perjury consisted of telling the grand jury he had not sold LSD to certain persons when in fact he had done so. The answer was affirmative. No objection was made. We think there was no plain error, if error at all.

I don’t understand why anyone would believe him to be trustworthy.

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His criminal past seems to keep blowing up in his face.

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  1. His criminal past seems to keep blowing up in his face.

    I see what you did there.

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