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In February, 2012, Brett Kimberlin started the breitbartunmasked dot com website. It operated on-and-off until December, 2018, principally under the editorships of Matt Osborne and Bill Schmalfeldt. The site was first hosted in The Netherlands, but it was moved onshore and its hosting consolidated with over two dozen Kimberlin-related sites after a year or so. It moved back offshore after Bill Schmalfeldt posted some content from Hogewash! without permission, fleeing to avoid the consequences of a DMCA takedown notice.

The site is still wasting bandwidth on the Internet, but has had no new content for over three years. It’s been poorly maintained, and much of the original material is gone.

But the site has been well backed up all along for use as evidence when necessary. For example, here’s a screenshot from a post from seven years ago today that was a clumsy attempt to smear Aaron Walker. The contents of the post are utter rubbish.While the post was still available at the BU website as of 10:16 ET Tuesday evening, it screenshot is from the post’s html file on one of the existing offline backups.

I doubt that Team Kimberlin is aware of the evidence the left lying about.

Some things do not have a statute of limitations.

2 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. I get the feeling that something is about to happen. Something legal. Something about laws.

    Most people put thought into what they do and say in their quest to get what they want.

    If what one wants is self-entertainment by slandering and libeling other people on the internet, they should be aware that slandering and libeling other people just for entertainment might have consequences, if other people are motivated to bring those consequences to fruition.

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