A Modest Proposal

The idea of forgiving student loan debt keep resurfacing. I’m sure some folks think it’s a good idea, but is it fair? What about those of us who paid our tuition as we went along? Shouldn’t that be refunded to keep things fair?

Let’s see … I graduated from Vanderbilt in May, 1970, having spent $9600 on tuition. The legal rate of interest in Tennessee is 10 %, so [punches calculator buttons] I’d be due $1,364,000.

Seems fair to me.

1 thought on “A Modest Proposal

  1. Government is just other people.

    A major effect of “free” healthcare and “free” college is to transform all employees of those fields into government employees, their salaries paid by taxpayer dollars.

    If taxpaying citizens can be convinced that healthcare and endless college attendance should be “free”, paid for by taxpayer dollars, then why stop there?

    Housing, food and clothing are also important to all humans, and I’m sure there are leftists everywhere demanding that “government” provide universal (free) housing, food and clothing to everyone. If that happened, then all workers who create housing, food and clothing would essentially be government employees, their salaries paid by taxpayer dollars.

    At that point, all workers would answer to their government masters. Which is what leftists want.

    Communism is slavery to the state, which just other people.

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