5 thoughts on “Concerning Anonymity

  1. As Glenn Reynolds wrote in a recent op-ed for the New York Post (from memory so this probably isn’t an exact quote): “If democracy dies in darkness, it wasn’t an accident: it was murder.”

  2. I used to be pretty careless about how I presented myself online. Then I learned that there’s an entire side of the political aisle that thinks it’s funny to set their pedophile domestic terrorists against you. I used to consider the Kimberlin/leftism connection as just an aberration, so didn’t hold it against the whole left. Then, well, the last few years happened. Things are pretty clear now.

    I consider myself neither right nor left, but I know which side is more likely to use vile tactics against me out of sheer convenience (or maybe joy). FAR more likely. Which is why Kimberlin picked the left to side with.

  3. I use my real name, and always have. Now that I’m retired, I can’t be canceled, and I can’t lose my job due to what I write.

    Stacey Matthews began blogging as Sister Toldjah, and there were people who didn’t like her views, and did a lot of research to dox her, so, when she realized that she was about to be unmasked, she unmasked herself. Several other conservative bloggers use pseudonyms, but their real identities are well known.

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