Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

One recurring theme in these posts about Team Kimberlin has been their incompetence. This post from six years ago today showed that have trouble getting thing straight even when they were Speaking About Links to their own websites.

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We interrupt our normal programming for the following bulletin—

If you click on the link shown in this tweet …SRUs201604161224Z … it will take you here ..BSdotcom

We return you now to our normal program with Frank Lloyd Wright and His Orchestra and Take the A-Frame.

UPDATE—The Cabin Boy™ visited Hogewash! at 11:04 ET this morning.SRUs201604161513ZThe Gentle Reader will note that the linking error persisted for a couple of days without a complaint from someone trying to access the Cabin Boy’s™ programming. He had to come here to find out about his problem. Note also that the Cabin Boy™ didn’t bother to check his own feed to see that it was working. Such inattention to details is probably one of the reasons for his current legal difficulties.

* * * * *

If they hadn’t made a fuss, they could have remained quietly obscure rather. They didn’t, so they’ve achieved minor infamy.

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