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Back in 2017, Bill Schmalfeldt had worn out his welcome in Wisconsin and had moved back to his home town in Iowa. He managed to get a driver’s license and bought himself a beater. It appears that he managed to ruin a couple tires by running up against a curb. The TKPOTD for five years ago today dealt with the false narrative he tired to spin about the result of his poor driving.

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The Cabin Boy™ continues to make a fool of himself.He keeps throwing stuff at the wall, and nothing sticks.

His $465 “vandalism” won’t result in a felony warrant. Criminal mischief causing less than $500 damage is a misdemeanor in Iowa.

Of course, I don’t believe the Cabin Boy™ filed a police report, but if he did, IA Code 718.6 raises some interesting possibilities.

UPDATE—I see from the Comment Section that the Cabin Boy™ has tweeted a selfie that includes a business card from a policeman, and that card appears to have a case number written on it. I suppose that means that the Cabin Boy™ is even more foolish than I thought, and he really did file a police report. (I really need to stop giving him the benefit of the doubt concerning intelligence or wisdom.)


If past is prologue, he’s probably all spun up about seeing the full weight of the law coming down on his enemies. We’ve seen this before.

So not everything is proceeding as I have foreseen. The Cabin Boy™ is exceeding my expectations for stupidity.

I need another cup of coffee.

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