Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Brett Kimberlin has had a couple of appeals going in the Seventh Circuit attempting to overturning some of his Speedway Bombing convictions. The first appeal has been denied. He has filed his brief in the remaining appeal, and the Department of Justice has filed its brief as well. Kimberlin’s reply brief was due on 28 March, but he has filed a motion for an extension of time until 11 April.

The court has granted his request.

Those of you who had “Uses Ukraine as an excuse” in the pool can pick up your prizes in the break area. Murum Aries Attigit mugs are only available on line.

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  1. The only battle the pedo midget is capable of waging is against a toddler. And even then, it would be even money the toddler would kick his ass.

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