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Brett Kimberlin routinely claims that any adverse reporting about him is based on false narratives. The TKPOTD from five years ago today was about one claim about false narratives being shot down in court.

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I’ve been reviewing the transcripts of various trials and hearings involving The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin. One of the main weaknesses in his cases is his apparent inability to construct logical arguments showing a cause-and-effect relationship between the damages he claims to have suffered and imagined actions of the adverse parties in the cases.

This exchange from TDPK’s testimony during the Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. trial last year is a good example of the sort of unsubstantiated claims he makes. Kimberlin had been trying to tell the jury about how Aaron Walker had placed the Kimberlin family under siege, and Judge Mason as been sustaining objection after objection because no factual basis is being offered for TDPK’s testimony. (Note: Aaron Walker was not one of the founders of the National Bloggers Club, and it was founded and operating before Kimberlin began attacking bloggers such as Aaron Walker.)

THE COURT: Again, Mr. Kimberlin, until you link it to Mr. Walker, I sustain the objection. So, you can tell us about anything that Mr. Walker did, or something that somebody else has acknowledged that they did in concert with Mr. Walker. That is, Mr. Hoge’s the only person we heard from, so Mr. Hoge acknowledged.

MR. KIMBERLIN: All right. Mr. Walker is a founding or a member of a group called the National Bloggers’ Club. The National Blogger’s Club is a group of conservative bloggers. It was formed to target me.

MR. WALKER: Does he have —

MR. KIMBERLIN: Mr. Walker has already —

THE COURT: Wait one sec.

MR. WALKER: What is the foundation?

MR. KIMBERLIN: — testified about this —

THE COURT: Wait one second.

MR. WALKER: What is the foundation?

THE COURT: Wait one second.

MR. WALKER: What is the foundation for that claim?

THE COURT: Okay. So, you’re saying that Mr. Walker formed National Blogger’s Club?

MR. KIMBERLIN: Mr., Mr. Walker has already testified on —

THE COURT: I’m sorry. Did he testify here in court?

MR. KIMBERLIN: — in court today, you know, that he received at least $5,000, I believe he said, or —


MR. KIMBERLIN: — thousands of dollars.

THE COURT: $2,000, I believe he said.

MR. KIMBERLIN: Whatever.

MR. WALKER: No, not on that.

MR. KIMBERLIN: From the National Blogger’s Club, and that he has a donate button on his front page —

THE COURT: Correct.

MR. KIMBERLIN: — that donates to the National Blogger’s Club.

THE COURT: Correct.


THE COURT: Okay. But if that’s the foundation, I sustain the objection.

TDPK is correct about one thing. All of the cases involving him deal with false narratives. But he’s wrong about who created them.

* * * * *

One of the most perplexing things about Brett Kimberlin is how someone with so much practice lying does it so poorly.

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