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Back in 2017, Brett Kimberlin changed the name of his VelvetRevolution.US not-for-profit to Protect Our Elections/EMPR Inc. While the protectourelections dot org website has been quiet for a couple of years, the empr dot media website was active until recently. It hasn’t had any news to report from Ukraine since the 20th.However, the EuroMaidanPR Twitter account has remained active.


1 thought on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. It does occur to a thoughtful person such as myself to wonder why such a well known pro-Ukrainian voice as Brett Kimberlin, with his own well-documented history of – for lack of a less artful term – “urban guerrilla warfare,” hasn’t made his way over there to help his friends make some improvised explosive devices.

    I hear he has a flair for that sort of thing.

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