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Team Kimberlin’s perfect record of failure in their LOLsuits stems in part from what they know about the law—most of which is wrong. This Legal LULZ Du Jour is from six years ago today.

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Cheddar201602250028ZOh, I suspect that the lawyer representing Sarah Palmer and Eric Johnson is expecting to get paid. I also suspect that the Cabin Boy™ may be headed for a nasty shock concerning who will be paying. The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt might want to review Bogie v. Rosenberg. I’ve included a copy below.

That case deals with a plaintiff who filed a frivolous invasion of privacy suit in Wisconsin and who wound up paying over $70,000 in attorney’s fees to the defendants’ lawyer.

Under Wisconsin’s Right of Privacy law, the court “shall award the defendant attorney’s fees and costs relating to the defense of [a frivolous] action.” Wis. Stat. § 995.50 (emphasis added). Having found plaintiff’s claims to be frivolous, the court will award reasonable attorney’s fees to defendants for the necessary and reasonable amount of time they spent, and the costs incurred, in defending plaintiff’s claims under subsection (2)(a) and (2)(b).

While the Cabin Boy™ is idly dreaming of a default judgment, the defendants’ lawyer is racking up billable hours.

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Of course, the lawyer who represented Sarah Palmer and Eric Johnson was Aaron Walker, and it was enjoyable to watch Aaron trounce the Cabin Boy™.

BTW, I worked pro bono on the case as a paralegal.

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