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Brett Kimberlin has a couple of cases going in the Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit trying to set aside some of his Speedway Bomber convictions. The Court has denied on of those appeals, and Kimberlin has filed a petition for a en banc rehearing.

He’s also filed yet another petition for a freebie lawyer to help with that appeal.

Stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Dude is driven. Absolutely driven. I still don’t understand Brett’s endgame. To have ALL charges and convictions overturned? And then… Restitution? PROFIT! Yes. Overturn first; compensation (reparations) next.

    Brett documents circuit courts aren’t consistent. Ok. What’s the alternative? Either:

    1. Every circuit court ruling is automatically binding on all others- With no review or recourse. Whoever gets there firstest with the mostest?


    2. Supremes adjudicate Circuit conflicts. Which, in my limited understanding, is how it works.

    Brett makes much of coram nobis. Here we go:

    “The writ of coram nobis has been abolished in civil actions by the rules of federal Civil Procedure and similar provisions of state codes of civil procedure that, instead, establish different methods for setting aside judgments.

    In Criminal Procedure, coram nobis serves the same purpose as it did in civil actions and is a recognized procedure in federal criminal prosecutions. Traditionally, it was available to direct the court’s attention to information that did appear in the trial record and was not admitted into evidence because of fraud, duress, or excusable mistake. A defendant could not use coram nobis to relitigate the same charges if, through his or her own fault, such facts were not introduced as evidence.”

    OK. That last sentence is key. Seems to me Brett can’t use coram nobis to relitigate based on his own mistakes. But what do I know? IANAL. Now this next point is key AND something El Kimbo does all the time: He throws out a legal concept assuming nobody will read said reference all the way through.

    Methinks Brett Kimberlin (Google ++1 ref) is also guilty of temporal bigotry; relevance. I mean temporal relevance. Wherein any case law revised in later years… retroactively means recompense/overturn for all prior adjudications. Is that a thing? Legal-wise? And if so how is there any certainty anywhere in the world?

    “But your honor, I acted in good faith based on what the law was at the time.” The Kimber-Judge responds, “NO. Clearly the case was wrongly decided 40 years ago in a Circuit on a different coast therefore you MUST pay now. Yourself!”


    My lawyers (monkeys, all- you know who they are) point out that my activity on Mssr. Hoge’s blog lately is a kin to flying ever closer to the sun. And that I’m at ever increasing risk of being sued. Which I don’t have time for.

    To which I respond, it’s all IMAO. I am not a lawyer and have never represented myself as such. Brett Kimberlin is a public figure. I’ve done nothing to harm or defame him outside of a bit of satirical indulgence.

    Even so. Scopes under. I’m going to lie low for a bit.

    Unless I see something particularly egregious. Or I run across something while channel-flipping a la seeing Tombstone (which prompted the Blogsmoke riff). Or if I’ve been drinking. Which is kind of a problem. More than you know. I drinks a bit. But no shrooms. No dope. I can’t even spell cr*ck. But if I need to spell same I know who I could go to. Coupla’ folks, actually. Brett is one of them. But I’m just guessing. If I needed to know with 100% certainty I’d call Hunter. Sources, methods and all that. Which is classified. And so can’t be published. And if you don’t believe me ask Twitter, Facebook, Amazon and The Mainstream Media.

    Which means this entire missive is classified. Don’t disseminate. Don’t dissipate. We control the vertical. We control the horizontal.

    We are Anonymous. We do not forgive. We do not forget.


    ps- Crypto for your secret decoder rings is now at 3.0.28. Everything less than 2.9 will be deprecated on 1 March and will not work after that date. Why? Because we changed the hash algorithm. Get onboard asap.

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