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This is from Justice Through Music Project’s corporate charter—Here’s their latest effort at shining some light (H/T, Tz)—

Video Credit: JTMP

While the video has been posted at YouTube, there’s nothing related to it at jtmp dot org.

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  1. Have you noticed, gentle persons, that BLM is under fire because it can’t account for $60M+?

    Well (as George Will said, before his onset TDS; but that doesn’t mean it’s not appropriate).

    BLM doesn’t have to account for anything. Near as I can tell, non-profits don’t have to show ANY results other than a line or two marked ‘Expenditures’ on the correct government (990? yeah, I think it’s a 990) form.

    $60M+ up in smoke? Or real estate? No problemo. It’s all legit. Unless somebody looks. Which they won’t because there’s no Lois Lerner doppelgänger on the Right.

    Brett Kimberlin figured this out more than a decade ago. Give the Devil his due. Ahead of the curve, the little guy is-

    Now you MIGHT think you could submit a Form 13909: Tax Exempt Organization Complaint ( ). The first box under Nature of Violations seems like a reasonable start:

    Directors/Officers/Persons are using income/assets for personal gain

    Is that a stretch? Don’t know. But it has the novelty of not having been tried before. And I’d bet a audit is a bitch.

    Know what else is cool? Form 13909 has a checkbox for: ‘ I am concerned that I might face retaliation or retribution if my identity is disclosed ‘ So that means your identity won’t be disclosed to any and/or all litigiously short persons. Right? Now hold on there, BabaLouie-

    Dollars to donuts The Deep State will pass your identity to those appropriately aligned. And interested. It’s a truly fallen world we live in.

    So, hey- Let’s be careful out there.

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