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Bill Schmalfeldt’s empty threats on the direst of dire direness have been a staple of Team Kimberlin’s failed lawfare. This Legal LULZ Du Jour was published just after midnight six years ago today.

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28 U.S.C. § 1400(a) states:

Civil actions, suits, or proceedings arising under any Act of Congress relating to copyrights or exclusive rights in mask works or designs may be instituted in the district in which the defendant or his agent resides or may be found.

IIRC, Sarah Palmer lives in the Middle District of North Carolina. I’m reasonably sure she can’t be found in Milwaukee. The Cabin Boy™ will have to file in Greensboro to sue her.

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It didn’t take long for the Cabin Boy™ to start backpedaling. Before a quarter past ten that morning, I was reporting that Another One Bites the Dust.

* * * * *

So with a likely total recovery of no more than $0.15 instead of $150,000 times dozens of images and the necessity of filing his next LOLsuit in North Carolina, the Cabin Boy™ has done the math and determined that a $400 filing fee and several possible trips to Greensboro make his threatened copyright LOLsuit an economic loser.Cheddar201602190618Zmovie popcornI wonder what his next form of self-inflicted damage will be?

Meanwhile, the Gentle Reader can stock up on popcorn from Amazon by clicking on the image on the left.

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Mmmmm, popcorn.

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